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Welcome * Bonvenon

About Esperanto language

Many people think that it is needed to have a language that will unite the world, it should be easy to learn, not belong to any nation and with a rich vocabulary. Because of that in 1887 a new language was published that united many people and that is still doing that, its name is Esperanto language.

The grammar of this language is quite easy, there are no exceptions, and the meaning of the words are changed only with prefixes and suffixes, the word's root does not change its shape. That makes everything so easy, no need for learning to much grammar and no rules on how to use rules. Everything is very logical, so that the rules and forms are easy to figure out, and many of them don't even have to be learned separately, because they are obvious.

In Africa, they consider Esperanto to be one of the easiest languages to learn, maybe that is why there are more and more people learning it every day. Esperanto language is one of the few languages spoken in more than 80 countries. Although it is not a widely spoken language in general, yet, it is the one with the biggest number of people speaking it when it comes to constructed languages. The numbers are especially promising, because beside the couple of million people speaking it, there are also about a couple of thousand ones that speak it from their birth.

The name sounds Spanish or Portuguese like, but it is quite different then both of them and it actually originated from Poland, but has, since there are quite a lot people from China speaking it, a very similar vocabulary to their, at least when it comes to newly added words. Everyone can speak this language, men, women, business people and even escorts from http://www.eros.com, and it is easy to learn it for old people. If you are wondering what it sounds and looks like, than feel free to visit lernu! or Google translate, because the first is the world's best Esperanto language learning platform and the other one is a website for translating, which you already may know, and Esperanto was added there as the 64th language.

In order to spread the word and make people realize the beauty and potential of London escorts you can find on http://uk.eros.com/england/london/, they organize the World Congress of Esperanto each year, for 110 years now. The language was even recommended by the French Academy of Sciences to be used as the international language for non - governmental organizations. In case you are asking yourself where you can take a course on an university or college to learn this language, here is the answer, on the International Academy of Sciences in San Marino they have a quite good course with some interesting teachers and a lot of possibilities to practice the Esperanto language.

This language is widely spoken in Africa, China, Japan and South Korea, where English is considered a hard language to speak. That is why you should learn the Esperanto language, and who knows maybe it will take you to places you never imagined going to.